Visiting Scholars, 2011-2012

Thomas Collombat Visiting Professor of Québec Studies, Spring Quarter, 2012

2012 Thomas Collombat earned his Ph.D. in Political Science in 2011 from Carleton University with an emphasis on labor movements in the Americas and the social and political dimensions of trade unionism in Québec. Dr. Collombat is currently a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Centre for the Study of Integration and Globalization at the Université du Québec ´ Montréal where he is investigating foreign policy and the American labor movement.

Dr. Collombat's research focuses on the international dimensions of the labor movement, particularly in the Western Hemisphere. While at Western, he will teach a course on Québec and North American labor politics, which will also cover topics including Québec Political Economy (with focus on Québec-North America trade and business relations), Québec-United States Relations, and Québec Politics and Government.

Katherine Ann Roberts Visiting Border Policy Research Institute Fellow, Fall Quarter, 2011

2011 Dr. Roberts, a specialist in Canadian and Québecois literature and culture, is currently an Associate Professor of North American Studies and French at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario, where she teaches in both the French and North American Studies programs. Katharine Roberts holds a Ph.D. in French Studies from Queens University. She has published widely in scholarly journals on Quebecois women's writing, Québec nationalism and more recently, on Canadian western writing and North American film.

Her current research project analyses cultural representations of the Canada-US border as demonstrated in the work of writers, filmmakers, and significant cultural actors in the Pacific Northwest. She will be affiliated with the Center for Canadian-American Studies and Border Policy Research Institute during her residency at Western.

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