Abiola Akanni

Abiola Akanni
Class of 2010

Major: Law, Diversity and Justice
Minor: Political Science

Man, how a year flies by once you graduate! It seems as if it were just yesterday that I was walking through Red Square, catching up with old friends while making new ones. You'll understand once you graduate. What have I been up to in that year you ask? Well, it doesn't involve my major that's for sure. Not literally, at least.

I graduated from WWU with a Bachelors degree in Law, Diversity and Justice and a Political Science minor. Shortly after I graduated I had an epiphany – "I don't want to be a lawyer, the work doesn't fit with my values, and those drab, stuffy suits are so damned ugly." So I quit my LSAT classes, told my legal mentors I was on sabbatical, and left the country. Upon my return, I quickly got down to business and began building Bora Bora Style, a fashion, art and culture blog dedicated to educating viewers on how to create a signature style while utilizing sustainable options in their community. From there I began writing a monthly fashion column for a fashion/ modeling PR agency in Washington DC (Yes! Writing those legal briefs came in handy!). I'm also working as the Creative Assistant to a vintage designer in Seattle and serve as the Program Assistant for a youth empowerment program dedicated to the exploration of fashion.

Now, I don't necessarily advise that you drop your major and dash off to Europe. But my advice is that you dig deep, far back to when you were a young kid. Remember when grown-ups asked "what do you want to be when you grow up?" Remember how you knew the answer without hesitation? What was that answer? Or that thing you wanted to do but felt you were under qualified for: pick that back up, NOW! Don't worry so much. If you love it enough, you will do it. It's that simple! I'm at a place now where I can say that and know that it is absolutely bullet proof advice.

Live your life. Live it in faith, grace and peace and your steps will be guided. I'm basically a walking billboard!

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