Amanda McIntosh, Class of 2012

Amanda McIntosh, Class of 2012
Major: Journalism
Concentration: Public Relations

I graduated in March 2012 with a degree in journalism with a public relations concentration. I recently started a paid internship with Trupanion a pet insurance company in Seattle. The job involves a lot of digital marketing and search engine optimization, something I've never learned before and not directly related to what I studied at Western, but I am really enjoying it! I am also writing blog posts and copy for the company web site, which I am really excited about – I have always wanted to have a job that involves a lot of writing.

For recent graduates in the job market, I would suggest not limiting your job search to just permanent positions but internships as well, especially if you haven't done one before or don't have a lot of experience in your field. Some internships are paid, and some might even turn into a permanent career. Also, the experience always looks great on your resume! Even if the internship is different than what you went to school for, don't feel like you can't apply for it. Learning a new skill will only make it easier for you to get a long-term job, and you might realize it is something you really like and want to pursue even further.

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