Amy Denton

Amy Denton, Class of 2011

Major: General Studies
Focus in Humanities and Education
Minor: Communications

I was connected to Compass 2 Campus through my professor from Communication 416: Conference & Event Planning. At the time I thought I might like event planning but had never considered it as a career before. After spending a quarter learning all that goes into planning various kinds of events, planning a mock wedding, and participating in a service learning project where each group planned a small event I took my new knowledge and fresh experience to my Event Planning Internship with Compass 2 Campus.

Over three consecutive quarters I was able to plan and execute a smaller event and participate in the planning and execution of several other events with Compass 2 Campus. I have used my knowledge, new skills, and experience to book catering, reserve rooms on campus, order appropriate audio-visual equipment, design invitations and decorations, manage guest lists, arranged parking and parking permits, and design several surveys. Through every aspect of the events I participated in planning I drew on my foundation in Com 416, as well as communication skills and tactics I learned from other classes.

This internship has given me valuable experience in event planning, a field that tends to need years of experience to qualify for positions. I have gained confidence in my skills and abilities, being able to apply what I have learned in class and create events that have gone off without major disasters. I have been able to learn from my mistakes, building a firm experience-based foundation of what works and doesn't work in event planning. Through this internship I have become a great deal more comfortable making new business contacts and more confident in asking questions and asking for help where needed. Working with Compass 2 Campus has given me the opportunity to work and communicate with many people in different fields associated with conference and event planning. I have been able to meet and work with many of the people and departments that help make WWU work, including the Director of Planning & Administration/Acting Assistant Dean for Collections & Technology, Special Events, Event Services Manager, Transportation Services, Parking, Catering, along with other Western students, staff, and faculty. Overall, my internship has expanded my comfort zone, taught me new skills, given me valuable experience, and introduced me to a career possibility formerly unconsidered.

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