Career Resource Library

Housed within the Center is an extensive career resource library. Visitors can utilize the library's resources in a variety of ways.

Students determining a major and/or career can:

  • explore information relating majors to careers
  • review descriptive information on career fields of interest
  • examine job market trends
  • see where WWU graduates found employment by reviewing our annual employment surveys

Those seeking internships, initial employment or changing career direction can:

  • review books on job search topics (resume writing, interviewing, etc.)
  • look at job and internship listings
  • access our employer database as a tool to explore potential opportunities
  • develop contacts from employer directories
  • see where WWU majors have completed internships (info in annual employment surveys)
  • see the employment status of recent WWU graduates (info in annual employment surveys)

Those intending to go to graduate school can:

  • reference graduate program directories
  • prepare resumes and personal statements from resource books

All library resources are categorized for easy access to areas of interest. Visitors will find an Education section, as well as sections on Internships, and International Opportunities. There are also areas containing resources on majors, job searching, etc. Computer stations are available to support career development and job search efforts. Student Peer Advisors can assist you in becoming familiar with the resources and in making copies you can take with you.

Page Updated 11.22.2017