Image of Daman Wandke

Daman Wandke, Class of 2011

Major: Business Administration
Concentration: MIS
Minor: Internet Resource Creation

  • His Career Pursuits: I am hoping to work in the field of Information Technology, IT Accessibility as a project manager.
  • Internship: I found my internship at NASA through a program called the American Association for the Advancement of Science Entrypoint program. This program matched students with disabilities with employers at the national level. I applied for this program the last 3 years and finally got an internship through this program.
  • Duties During the Internship: During my internship at NASA Headquarters, I worked in the office of the CIO, Chief Information Officer, under the Privacy Program Manager. I did spreadsheet and database management for the privacy program, and also website accessibility testing and remediation for the 508 program.
  • Preparation to be a Competitive Candidate for the Position: To be a competitive candidate, I made sure I had a lot of work experience in internships prior. Even though I did not get in the first or second year, I applied I keep applying and finally got an opportunity to work at NASA Headquarters. To get opportunities like this you need to apply early, and apply for a variety of programs every year until you get at least one opportunity.
  • Importance of Internships for College Undergrads: I feel that internships are very important to college undergraduates because employers are looking for more than a college degree. They are looking for work experience. One way to get work experience is though internships. You get real hands-on experience in the field you would like to go into. You also learn if you like that area of work or not. I have done multiple internships after graduating high school for a variety of employers and I have great work experience to put on my resume.
  • Long-Term Value of Internships: Internships are great experiences to put on your resume because it shows future employers that you have experience in the field. You have more than just an education and you have worked for a variety of different companies. Even if you have just one internship, it will help you stand out from the rest of the students who did not take the opportunity to apply and create and internship in their area of study.

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