Employer Guide to Participating in a Career Fair

Career Fairs:

We host three career fairs annually:

  • Fall Business Career Fair (co-sponsored with the College of Business & Economics)
  • Winter Career Fair
  • Spring Career Fair

All fairs are open to employers from any industry, non-profits and government agencies. If you are looking for a cost-effective and energizing activity to interact with students, a career fair is the place to be! It is a terrific opportunity to meet students, help build your pipeline, enhance your visibility and brand on campus and meet your recruiting needs. Upcoming fairs can be viewed here. Here are some tips for participating:

  1. Register early: the earlier you sign up, the more opportunities for visibility and promotion of your organization and positions you will have. Additionally, some amenities like on campus interview space and electricity are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Sign up when you receive notification that registration is open.
  2. Posts jobs and internships: We go out of our way to promote any job or internship postings from organizations attending a career fair. These give students more insight into why they would want to stop by your table and allow them to better prepare for the event. This will maximize your ability to reach students and build a competitive applicant pool. If you don’t have any, that’s okay too! Many employer attend as a way to establish their brand on campus for future recruiting needs.
  3. Be prepared:
    1. Have copies of job postings you are interested in recruiting for.
    2. Have brochures or hand outs about your organization.
    3. Bring business cards and wear a nametag.
    4. Arrive early enough to setup and check confirmation email for parking instructions, directions and other details (make sure you include contact information for the attendees when you register, if someone else is setting up the registration!)
  4. Be well represented:
    1. Send representatives who are personable, outgoing and able to engage with students who may be reserved or nervous! Be prepared to ask questions to make them comfortable – ask about their major, career interests, favorite classes, etc. Stand beside of or in front of your table and smile to encourage students to approach.
    2. Ensure that representatives can speak to the breadth of opportunities available at your organization – even if not all of them are available now. Help students see what career paths might be open to them in the long term beyond what is posted now!
    3. Take notes on the back of resumes to help you remember details about a student or interaction.
    4. Don’t break down your display early – many students attend at the end of the event not because of tardiness but due to their class schedule.
    5. And as always, don’t underestimate the value of swag or giveaways. College students love anything unique or useful!

If you have any questions or want to learn more about any of our career fairs, please contact us. Jenny Spurgin, Employer Outreach Manager Jenny.Spurgin@wwu.edu