If you've had a positive experience with the Career Services Center, we would like to know about it. Thank you for emailing Ms. Lisa Megard at Lisa.Megard@wwu.edu with your comments.

2013 Graduate, Human Services Major

Career Services assisted me in so many ways, from resume writing to learning how to utilize job search tools to my advantage. I attended workshops and became familiar with tools like Viking CareerLink, LinkedIn, and Optimal Resume, which have all greatly assisted me in my job search. Though I haven’t found the perfect job yet, I am glad to know the services are available for free 6 months after graduation, because I may need more assistance! Thank you for all you do!

2012 Graduate

The resume workshop we did in Engineering and Society may have provided the most valuable tool I gained through my college education. There is no doubt in my mind that it played a significant role in me landing my dream job. Entre-Prises had said they were not hiring, but I showed up with a copy of my resume and a cover letter for them anyway, and six weeks later here I am!

Junior, Business Administration Major

I just wanted to say thank you for helping me get this internship and by helping me with my resume and interview skills. The Career Center is a great asset for students.

English Major

I found the ad for my job on the CSC website, CSC materials helped me prepare my resume and cover letter, and the two mock interviews I did at the CSC prepared me to nail my real interview. I would not have found my job without the CSC. Thanks!

Biology/Math Major

Your generosity and special care make me feel like you're on our side rooting for us to do well and succeed on this pre-medical adventure!

Sociology Major

The resume writing workshop, along with the handouts received at the workshop, were EXTREMELY helpful! I believe the workshop should be a commitment that every student decides to participate in before leaving Western. I had no idea how to write my resume, how to interview, write a cover letter or thank you letter before attending the workshop. The handouts and guidelines have helped me immensely!

Communication Major

I recently made an appointment with a career counselor to help me with my resume and letter of intent for the portfolio needed to apply to the Communication Department. THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I received the acceptance letter from the department yesterday. I walked out of the Career Center that day and felt so much better about my resume and letter of intent (and a lot more confident that I had created what the department was looking for). It was exactly what I needed.


Career Center staff have been flexible, informative, helpful, friendly. It is apparent in their attitude that CSC staff and student workers are interested in helping infividuals find employment

Biology/Anthropology Major

My career counselor recommended that I join LinkedIn as well as contact WWU alumni who might work in companies where I was interested in working. I found my current job with Biolife Plasma Services on LinkedIn. The job is great and the company is excellent with lots of room for future upward movement as well as raises in pay.

Industrial Technology - Vehicle Design

Career Services helped me polish up my resume, and I am certain that they helped me to get the job I am in. I will recommend their services to any fellow vikings.