Interview Process

You've submitted your resume and are waiting to hear back. Will you be ready and rehearsed for the interview or do you plan to just wing it?! The information on this page will help you to prepare for your interviews.

Students at Career Fair

  • Interview Preparation
    Follow some simple guidelines to help you prepare for any interview—whether it is your first or fifty-first!

  • Mock Interviews
    Don't blow it by practicing at the actual interview! Prepare in advance with a mock interview! Career Center Counselors can help you prepare for the next step in the application process by conducting a mock interview with you. A free DVD recording of the session is included and is especially useful in assessing your responses and your visual or "non-verbal" impression.

  • Meet with a Counselor
    to learn interview strategies and techniques.

Resources to Help you Prepare

Page Updated 12.07.2017