Kelsey Guy, Class of 2013

Kelsey Guy, Class of 2013
Major: Human Services
Minor: Anthropology

During my time at Western, I managed to achieve everything I needed on campus. I went to school full time, worked, and interned in two different departments. I enjoyed every moment at Western and hope to continue working in the Bellingham area after graduation. There are numerous services offered at Western that people aren't aware of and I utilized many of them. Western is an amazing, caring, thriving community of people who want to see you succeed and there are places to help you do so. Before you know it you will be ready to move on, so you might as well be prepared for what the world has to offer! But while you’re here, take advantage of all the opportunities around you, surround yourself with good people, find your passion, and love life. It will lead you to bigger and better things once you have the chance to begin the next phase of your journey.

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