Meet with a Counselor

The career counseling staff is available to assist WWU students and alumni in developing a career path and learning the skills to successfully find an internship or job.

Career counselors can help you:

  • Determine a major by clarifying academic and career interests
  • Identify connections between your major and career options
  • Assist in changing careers
  • Identify resources to research employers
  • Develop internship and job search strategies
  • Write effective resumes and employer letters
  • Prepare and practice for interviews
  • Evaluate job offers from potential employers
  • Learn to negotiate salaries
  • Apply to graduate or professional schools

Note to Alumni and Community Members: You must register for services* with the Career Services Center to receive counseling services. The fee is:

  • $35 for a four month block of time for Alums
  • $40 per visit for Community Members

* Please note that services will be limited to 8 visits per 4 month period, to be determined by the Director based on available personnel. The Career Services Center can also deny services for alumni or community member if, after a determination by the Director on recommendation of staff, the provision of services would likely be futile, due to labor market circumstances, documented previous service attempt failures, or documented impolite or threatening treatment of staff by clients.

Call 360-650-3240 to set up an appointment

"I think getting a much easier if a graduate has experience from an internship. Having that hands-on experience is so important. I probably wouldn't have the job I do if I didn't do an internship. Students should know this (WWU Grad, 2011)!"

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