Meet with a Counselor

The career counseling staff is available to assist WWU students and alumni in developing a career path and learning the skills to successfully find an internship or job.

Career counselors can help you:

  • Determine a major by clarifying academic and career interests
  • Identify connections between your major and career options
  • Assist in changing careers
  • Identify resources to research employers
  • Develop internship and job search strategies
  • Write effective resumes and employer letters
  • Prepare and practice for interviews
  • Evaluate job offers from potential employers
  • Learn to negotiate salaries
  • Apply to graduate or professional schools

Note to Alumni: You must register for services with the Career Services Center to receive counseling services. The fee is $35 for a four month block of time.

Call 360-650-3240 to set up an appointment

"I think getting a much easier if a graduate has experience from an internship. Having that hands-on experience is so important. I probably wouldn't have the job I do if I didn't do an internship. Students should know this (WWU Grad, 2011)!"

Page Updated 05.20.2015