Book of the Month: April

You Majored in What?: Mapping Your Path from Chaos to Career

By: Katharine Brooks, Ed.D.
Found in the Government Jobs section of the C.S.C. library.

Many of us experience a point in our college careers where we think, “Why did I choose this major? What will I get a job it?” Have no fear! In this book, Dr. Katharine Brooks helps guide students through self-assessments and goal-searching to help you define what it is you want to do, regardless of your chosen major. Dr. Brooks helps you to move beyond looking at the obvious career options to seeing the broader range of careers open to a specific field (ex: a geography major is not limited to being a high school geography teacher; maybe consider being an editor for a major publishing house.)

This is a very interactive book—be prepared to draw maps connecting your skills and hobbies, brainstorm your dream job, and analyze yourself. Regardless of your undergraduate major or the state of the job market, You Majored in What? offers a practical and proven approach to uncovering overlooked opportunities, reframing experiences, and finding truly satisfying work.

Recommended by: Aisha Leapley

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