Book of the Month: March

From the Outside In

Renee Blank and Sandra Slipp, Ph.D, with Vincent Ford

Found in the Diversity section of the C.S.C. library

Although businesses are striving for diversity, lingering tradition or company culture may lead you feeling like an outsider. From the Outside In presents seven strategies excel in workplace where you a member of the dominant group.

Regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, physical condition, or anything else that makes you different, you can learn to recognize the value and power you hold. Presented in a “how-to” format, this books highlights a range of successful people who have used the seven tools to get noticed for their talents. The book provides a very realistic view of the current business environment with realistic strategies for various work environments. By following others’ experiences, you can learn how to advance in your own career without sacrificing what makes you an individual.

Recommended by: Aisha Leapley

Page Updated 03.10.2015