Applying to Law School Timeline

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Factors within your control include:

  • Time and effort spent studying for Law School Admission Test (LSAT)
  • Time spent writing your personal statement
  • Making a professional résumé
  • Time and effort spent researching appropriate law schools
  • Timing of application (“early birds” are among first applicants considered)

Winter and Spring Quarters (of Junior Year)

  • Set up an LSAC account at
  • Register for LSAT at (Seek fee waiver and/or disability accommodation, if qualified, early!)
  • Prepare a list of law schools applying to and research them
  • Prep for LSAT (take in June of junior year or October of senior year)
  • Update résumé
  • Start drafting, or at least thinking about, your personal statement
  • Obtain credit reports, (Credit scores affect financial aid) and clear up anything that may be amiss. Start this process early as corrections may take months to resolve.
  • Pay off all outstanding university fines (parking, library, lab, etc.) so that official transcripts are not withheld
  • Identify who will agree to write letters of recommendations (LOR)

Summer (between Junior and Senior Year)

  • Obtain law school applications (Some schools offer waivers for the application fees; check early regarding qualifications)
  • Review applications for each school – tailor your application content to each specific school
  • Begin filling out applications for at least five schools (one “dream” school, three schools within “possible” reach, and one “back-up” school)
  • Edit/revise your personal statement

Fall Quarter (of Senior Year)

  • Arrange for recommendation letters to be sent to Credential Assembly Service (CAS) at
  • Submit transcripts (Official transcripts must be requested directly from each school attended)
  • Early bird applications are usually due by October 1
  • Request financial aid applications from schools
  • Attend Law School Info Fair (in November at WWU) to meet admission representatives (Present yourself professionally)
  • Apply to all law schools by December 1 (Don’t wait longer, even if the deadline is later)

Throughout this process, keep in contact with the Pre-Law Advisors at your school

  • Watch for informational sessions they offer
  • Schedule an appointment to discuss your particular situation

WWU Pre-Law Advisors:
Professor Paul Chen
Professor Julie A. Helling

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