Image of Sarah Blackadar, WWU Alum

Sarah Blackadar
Class of 2009
Major: Political Science/Economics and French

Sarah Blackadar, a WWU Alumni, works for the Fund for the Public Interest. She found her job at the Fund during her senior year of college through Western's Career Services Center Career Fair. Blackadar described how preparation for her job was a direct result of cultivating activist, professional and resume skills while at the university.

"I found my job with the Fund for the Public Interest on campus my senior year," Blackadar said. "I met a few people at the Career Fair in February and by the end of Winter Quarter, I had been offered a position directing a campaign office with the Fund. I started in July after graduation and have been working with the Fund on a number of different campaigns since."

One of the qualities the Fund valued in a candidate like Blackadar was a genuine interest in the environmental and social issues of the day. Companies like the Fund, a company that does grassroots political work on behalf of more than 40 progressive political organizations, want today's job candidates to work hard- but more importantly, prove that they can work constructively as part of a team.

A key component helping Blackadar land her job was a polished resume. Specifically, Blackadar says that one should make sure the resume highlights work on issues that matter to you, even if it is only in the capacity of a volunteer because it shows responsibility and the drive you have to work on social issues.

"Companies want to know what issues are important to you and what drives you to work with them," Blackadar said. Her new position with the Fund exemplifies that individuals who do want to make a difference can be rewarded with the potential for new career opportunities.

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