Getting Started on Optimal Resume

  1. From the home page at, select the "Build a Resume On-line" link in the bottom right hand corner.
  2. The Optimal Resume Log-in page will appear with a sign in area for established users on the right and a link for new users to "Create an Account" on the top left.
  3. Use your Western Washington University e-mail address to start an account.
  4. Once the account information page appears, enter the e-mail and address that you wish to appear on your resume (your e-mail address can be changed at this point to a non-WWU account in order to maintain an account after graduation).
  5. Ensure that the information entered on this page is accurate and that you update it occasionally, as this tool is used for user data and by employers searching for students with certain degrees or skills.
  6. Once this form is completed, you will proceed to the main Optimal Resume page. To begin a resume, select "Create New Resume". You will notice that you also have the options to create a Portfolio or a website.
  7. The resume can be built from Section Sets, from Resume Samples or from Scratch. The first two options have formatting built into them, so are the easiest to begin with.
  8. Examples and Samples can be viewed from the Section Sets page, along with other helpful tools.
  9. The "Style Resume" tab allows for countless modifications and revisions eliminating the need to modify in Word. This feature ensures you the potential to make your resume work for your unique needs and look professional!
  10. Please note, under Tools, a link to Explore Careers which will take you to the Occupational Information Network (O*Net). This will assist you in building skills and knowledge into your resume that are in demand in your desired profession.