Optimal Resume FAQ's

  • Do I have to be a Western Student to use Optimal Resume? Yes, you do have to be a Western student to sign up. Use your Western email to register.
  • How long can I have my Optimal Resume account? As long as we have a contract with Optimal Resume, you are allowed to use it. Make sure to change your email to a non-Western email in order to continue using your account after graduation.
  • How do I print my resume when I am done? At the top of your resume click download and press Microsoft® Word Compatible. This will give you your newly created resume on Microsoft® Word, ready to print.
  • Why is my resume printing on two pages? The page you are viewing on OptimalResume.com is actually 14 inches, as opposed to the standard 11inch page. Keep about 4 inches at the bottom blank and it will fit on one page when printed.
  • How do I download and email my resume as a PDF file? At the top of your resume there is a button called download, and it gives you the option of what format you would like to download. Press PDF. Once downloaded, you are able to attach and email the file.
  • Are there any restrictions on the amount of resumes, websites or portfolios I create? No restrictions! You are able to make as many as you want.
  • I use a MAC computer. How can I open the document in Word? There are two options to handle issues with opening documents in MAC without altering the format:
    1. Associate the file with a specific program, This way the file will open with that designated program.
    2. First save the file as RTF, then open it with Word.
  • Can I upload and edit an old resume? You can upload your old resume in one whole unit for viewing it, but cannot edit it. In order to use the features of OR to the fullest, cut and paste. Having access to your resume anywhere is very useful.
  • How do I add another employer to my job experience section? In the Sections column on the right hand side, underneath your job experience section is a button titled "Add/Delete Employer/Job". Use this to add more experience.
  • I don't know what kind of information I need to put on my resume for this job. In the tools column, look at Resume Tips. This gives you the Top 5 Tips for the job you are applying for. If you need further help, choose "Explore Careers" for information using O*Net.
  • How do I change spacing and style from the "default" style in which I built my resume? On the right side blue-highlighted menu under the "Document" heading, click the "Style Resume" link. The "Styling Palette" will appear over the resume. The default style, "WWU Left 8" can be changed to any of several other choices. These can then be customized by using the tabs in the styling palette labeled Layout, Font, Bullets, Lines and Spacing. Most of these tab areas can be additionally adjusted in several sections of the resume by selecting the desired section in the drop down menu. Using the Styling Palette, your resume can be customized to suit your individual needs.