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Contrary to popular belief, the Career Services Center does a lot more than help people get jobs. Sure, we provide job search assistance to graduating seniors and alumni, but we also help undecided students identify their interests and explore careers in order to make good academic decisions, assist students gain internship experience in order to gain valuable career-related experience and much, much more! It's never too early to visit the Career Services Center. Come see us soon to get started on mapping out your personal career plans.

What type of services does this office provide for students?

Career Services provides a variety of services for students.

  • For Freshmen & Sophomores: assistance in determining a major and exploring career options
  • For Juniors: assistance in developing and/or finding internships as well as assistance in applying to graduate schools
  • For Seniors: assistance in searching for jobs and preparing for graduate school

The following resources are available: career counselors, workshops, job and internship postings, resume checks, mock interviews, career assessments, on-campus recruiting, career fairs and other special events, and an employer database.

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I haven't declared a major. Does this office have information for me?

Yes! We have qualified Career Counselors who will help you make that tough decision about what major to choose. We also offer three different assessment tests. The Strong Interest Inventory will help you identify career options that are consistent with your interests. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator measures your preferences based on your personality and the core values you identify. Both assessments offer helpful insights to majors and career options that might appeal to you.

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What can I do with my major?

Three good on-line resources found on our website include What Can I Do With This Major?, the Employment Survey of WWU Grads, and our Employer Database. The database has a listing of all the employers who have connected with our office and can be sorted by major, company name, or industry. You can search for potential fields or specific employer! Of course, you can always meet with one of our career counselors for additional guidance in what you can do with your specific major.

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I think I know which field I'd like to get into. When is a good time to start looking for an internship?

Finding an internship is a great way to get real experience in your field of choice. If you know what you want, starting as soon as your sophomore year could be a good idea. There are new internships posted weekly on Viking CareerLink and you can register at any time to receive those postings right in your email. It's probably best to begin your internship search the quarter before you'd like to begin. That way, you'll have time to respond to listed positions and initiate contacts on your own as well. Lead time can give you a competitive edge when it comes to composing an effective cover letter or tailoring your resume to a desired internship. You may receive credit for an internship, but you will need to talk to someone in your "major" department.

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Where can I find information on where other people in my major found jobs?

Each year the Career Center conducts a survey of recent graduates to find out where they found employment. The Employment Survey of Recent Graduates are searchable online for several years. Come visit us in the office and we'll help you along the way!

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Do recruiters come to campus?

Yes, there are many opportunities to meet with job recruiters on campus. Check the CSC website under the "Interview on Campus" tab to see who will be here this quarter and what steps you need to take to get an interview. Many recruiters also attend our career fairs!

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How do I sign up for a mock interview and a quick resume check?

Come in to our office in Old Main 280 or phone the Career Services Center at 360-650-3240 to schedule an appointment for either service.

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What if I want to go to graduate school; can you help me with that?

Graduate and Pre-Professional Advisors work specifically with students interested in graduate school. They are available for individual as well as class and club presentations.

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I'm graduating this quarter and know what field I want to go into. Can you help me get started in looking for a job?

Definitely. We suggest you start by making an appointment with a counselor to talk about job opportunities and different employers who might be interesting to you.

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How can the Career Services Center help me after I graduate?

Our services are available to students up to six months after graduation. After that time there is a small charge for some services.

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Where can I find information about the Peace Corps?

Please see the link on our website that provides information about the Peace Corps as well as contact information for the representative who has an office in our center.

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