Managing Your On-Line Presence


Successfully creating and managing a positive online presence has become increasingly important as more and more employers are utilizing the Internet to research potential candidates for career and internship opportunities.

Consider evaluating the extent of your cyber trail. If employers went looking, what would they find? You may want to think twice before uploading questionable photos on Facebook or posting an angry rant on your blog at 4am. These things have the potential to hurt your professional image.

Alternatively, avoiding your online presence altogether probably isn't the best route either. Use technology to your advantage and set yourself apart from the crowd by showcasing your qualifications and achievements through an online profile, blog or ePortfolio. Doing so is a great opportunity to expand on your resume and ensure that when a potential employer goes looking.. they'll like what they find.


  • Social Networking Sites (ex. Facebook, MySpace, Friendster)

    A web-based service that allows individuals to create personal profiles and interact with other users through instant messaging, blogs, discussion boards, etc.

  • Professional\Business Networking Sites (ex. LinkedIn)

    Similar to the services provided by social networking sites but with the purpose of building professional connections. Users can post an online resume or work history, search or post available jobs, request a recommendation from a past supervisor or co-worker, and ask questions or solicit advice from other users.

  • Blogs (ex. Wordpress, liveJournal)

    An abridgement of the term "web log", a blog is a website maintained by an individual which contains regular entries of commentary and may include a combination of text, hyperlinks, photos or video.

    Electronic Portfolios (ex. ePortfolio, Chalk& Wire)

    An electronic portfolio is an online collection of evidence that showcases an individual's achievements. Unlike traditional portfolios, the electronic format enables individuals to easily reproduce and distribute a collection of work.

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