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Taryn Hoover, Class of 2011
Major: History
Minor: English, Political Science

I am currently employed as a Program Manager for the Bureau of Education and Research. I serve as an on-site manager for professional development seminars, which occur daily. These seminars are also in a different major U.S. city every day, which means I spend most of my time traveling around the country. I've had the opportunity to visit over thirty states in the past year, and I recently used my vacation time to travel to South Africa.

My time at WWU definitely equipped me with skills and experiences that became invaluable not only in my job search, but also in my current job. Academically, my history degree gave me outstanding research, analysis, comprehension, and synthesis skills. I also studied abroad while I was at WWU, which demonstrated to employers that I was open to new experiences, that I could adapt to uncomfortable situations, and that I had cross-cultural knowledge. During my four years at WWU, I also utilized the Career Services Center to improve my resume, get career advice, and learn where and how to look for jobs nation-wide.

I would advise recent and future graduates to be open to jobs in any field, not just in what you have chosen to study. Right now, being a Program Manager has nothing to do with the degree I earned at WWU, but I love my job, and I have learned that I could pursue a career in a field other than History. Especially because of the way the job market is right now, apply for everything! Also, visit the Career Center! The advisors are wonderful, and they know what they are talking about. They can also help you network with professionals, which is really important.

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