Congratulations, WWU!

Congratulations, Western, on a very successful 2012 campaign, which raised $76,053 dollars to support those in need locally, regionally and around the world. This is the largest contribution Western Washington University has ever achieved and was well in excess of our goal to raise $60,000. We’d like to have another successful year to continue showing our community how much WE CARE through continued and new I GIVE pledges.

What if we all donated $2 per month?

Given the current total number of WWU employees, if every employee gave $2 per month, we could raise over $52,000 per year. Click here to see the impact you can make with just $2 per month. Become part of the Western I GIVE family and begin donating through an automatic payroll deduction today.

Have an idea?

We would love to hear your ideas to increase Western employee participation. So send in your creative thoughts.

Nicole Goodman
WWU CFD Campaign Leader

Page Updated 09.02.2014