A little goes a long way

What does a $2 monthly donation buy?

  • 15 meals in Kenya
  • Vaccines for an animal
  • Food and blankets for a family of six in Iraq
  • Sends a child with epilepsy to a morning of summer camp
  • Helps two women in Ecuador start a small business
  • Three hours of rehearsal and coaching with a professional conductor for young musicians
  • Becomes $8 worth of food at a food bank
  • A session of speech pathology service to a stroke survivor
  • One night of lodging for a victim of domestic violence or sexual assault
  • A 30-minute counseling session with a lawyer for six low-income people
  • Life-saving mosquito nets to protect a child from malaria

Surprised? Imagine what $5 per month would do.

Page Updated 10.09.2013