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How to Meet Your Neighbors

How to Meet Your Neighbors

Make a point of meeting your neighbors. After moving into your new place, look for opportunities to introduce yourself. This can mean attending a neighborhood meeting or joining a clean up project.

How do I start?

Its not like the old days when neighbors welcomed newcomers with homemade pies and lemonade. Theyre busy working 8 (or more) hours a day, paying bills, doing housework, and trying to find time to relax. So it might be up to you to take initiative and introduce yourself. To get you ready, weve compiled a few steps to help you get started.

The Observation

Check out your neighbor from a distance. No, you dont need binoculars, just casually notice your neighbors when you are out and about. Is your neighbor pushing a baby carriage with one hand and carrying two bags of groceries with the other? If so, now might be the ideal time to introduce yourself and offer to help.

The Approach

Pick a time during daylight hours to approach your neighbor. Walk in full view of him or her and casually (not frantically) wave as you approach. This may sound obvious, but consider how willing youd be to talk to someone who startled you after dark.

The Greet

This is where you introduce yourself. Hi, Im Sam. I just moved in, is fine (if your name is Sam, that is). Unless your neighbor is pre-occupied, they will most likely respond with a welcoming reply.

The Chat

Keep the conversation light and on common ground: living in the area, outdoor activities, things to do around town. If you feel comfortable, offer to exchange phone numbers, so that you can contact each other in the event of an emergency.

The Exit

Regardless of what you talk about, your parting is just as important in your quest to be friendly with your neighbors. Leave your new neighbors with the impression that you are relaxed, easygoing, and someone they can look forward to running into at a later date.