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A More Perfect Union: The Creation of the U.S. Constitution

An introduction to the U.S. Constitution based on Robert Bruns' book of the same title.

The Evolving Constitution

This article from the CQ Encyclopedia of American Government provides an overview and commentary on the evolution of the Constitution from the the Declaration of Rights and Grievances, the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, to the ratification of the Constitution and the first ten amendments (known as the Bill of Rights).

The Federalist Papers

The Library of Congress provides the full text of the 85 essays written to encourage the ratification of the Constitution.

Primary Documents in American History

A copy of the Constitution with marginal notes by George Washington is included in the Library of Congress' virtual collection.

The Signers of the Constitution

Biographical sketches of the 39 men who framed the U.S. Constitution.

An Introduction to the U.S. Constitution

The essay by Epstein and Walker, in Constitutional Law for a Changing America,  discusses the underlying principles of the Constitution,  including some of the biases of the men who framed the document.

A Century of Law-making for a new nation: U.S. congressional documents and debate

From the Library of Congress American Memory collection.

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