Past Groups and Workshops

Men's Group

The Men’s Group offers a place to engage in open conversation about topics such as relationships, assertiveness, and social stereotypes of strength vs. weakness.  We’re often surprised to find out that we’re not the only ones who think or feel a certain way about things, and coming to group can be a perfect way to relate and find support that we never knew was there.

Women’s Group

Looking for a safe place to connect with other women? Come to the Women’s Support Group to share your thoughts on issues such as body image, assertiveness, intimacy, and friendship. Share about your experience of being a woman! Learn to identify and build upon your strengths and help others to do the same. Find your authentic self!

Process Group for Students with Chronic Illness

This group is an open group, with members added as space allows. The group offers a safe and supportive place for members to share their struggles and the knowledge they have gained by having to deal with a chronic illness. We practice relaxation techniques, focusing exercises and share tips and resources to help make life that much more manageable.

Hidden Social Syllabus

Do you have difficulty engaging in and maintaining social interactions? Is it challenging to initiate or take turns in conversation? Learning the rules for social language -- known as social pragmatics -- may help you to communicate more effectively. Social pragmatics includes using language for different purposes (e.g., greeting, informing, demanding, promising, requesting); changing language according to the needs of the listener or situation (e.g., providing background information to an unfamiliar listener); or following rules for conversations and storytelling (e.g., taking turns in conversation, using facial expressions and eye contact).

For spring quarter, Counseling Center staff in conjunction with the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) staff are offering a supportive group for students to obtain, explore, and practice social skills. As this is the first time offering the group, we are interested in hearing about your social experiences, challenges and hopes for what you would like from this group, so please feel free to bring any questions or topics you’re thinking about. Topics to be discussed may include: communication with professors, communication with roommates/suitemates, communication for dating and/or starting friendships, and coping with negative social experiences. The group will be educational, but will also provide opportunities for members to share their experiences in and outside of the group.

Pride: An LGBTQ Support Group

We welcome all who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, queer or questioning. This inclusive, affirming process group provides a confidential, emotionally supportive space to explore relationships, social concerns, identity, and emotional health. It is open to all LGBTQ WWU students.

CASAS: Women Supporting Women

A confidential, convenient, and safe support group for people affected by sexual assault, stalking, or abusive relationships.

Info: (360) 650-7982
Visit: CASAS online

Relaxation Training Workshop

Stress Symptoms Video Ever feel like you'd love to slow down, but can't? Wish you could feel more calm, more relaxed? Want to be more focused and clear minded? The beginning of each session will introduce a technique to help you gain skills in managing stress. Then we stretch out, get comfortable, and try it.

Come to as many sessions as you like. Relaxation techniques you may learn include visualization, breathing, self-hypnosis, biofeedback, open focus, autogenics and guided imagery. Each session focuses on a different skill and each session is independent so you can start at any time.

Taming Your Test Anxiety Workshop

Do you panic during exams? Are you freezing on your math tests? Is test anxiety dragging down your grades? Attend one of these workshops and learn to maximize performance and minimize stress.


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