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Educational performance enhancement programs are available for community athletic and recreational sport populations, performing arts, and business/workplace and include but are not limited to:

  • Psychology of peak performance and personal excellence class offered quarterly throughout the year
  • Psychology of coaching and athletic performance workshops
  • Youth sport coaching workshops
  • Exercise psychology workshops including performance enhancement strategies for injury rehabilitation
  • Life skills programs
  • Individual consultations including performance profiling
  • Mental skills training including goal setting, visualization, confidence building, focusing, self-talk, relaxation skills, and more
  • Leadership and team building workshops

For further information regarding the content and fee structure for class, program, workshop, or private consultation contact the CPE.














Inner Strength





Ralph Vernachia, Ph.D.


Product Description:

Inner Strength is for sport psychology professionals, coaches, and especially athletes who desire to enhance athletic performance through mental skills training.


Developing your inner strength requires sincere and earnest participation with the mental keys to success and peak performance exercises throughout the book.  The book is based on solid research and basic common sense.  It presents a realistic performance model which focuses first and always on consistently delivering effective performances.  "Peak Performances" are just that, spikes in the course of effective performances.


Key topics to fuel athletic performances include: Establishing foundational beliefs, dreaming your athletic destiny, fueling your dream, understanding your own motivations, the power of visualization, a goal attainment plan, quality practice, coverage of personal excellence, commitment, and quality of life.


"Applied sport psychology has been waiting for a text such as this one; theoretically grounded, but experientially based". -Dr. Keith Henschen, current president of the International Society of Sport Psychology






Coaching Mental Excellence





Ralph Vernacchia, Ph.D.

Rick McGuire, Ph.D.

David Cook, Ph.D.

Product Description:

A highly readable survey of the major responsibilities, opportunities and challenges involved in coaching today's athlete.  It emphasizes the mental techniques known through research in sport psychology to enhance performance and enjoyment in sports.


"Coaching Mental Excellence is an extremely Practical and useful resource for both coaches and athletes.  If you want a competitive advantage, buy this book, read it, and practice the many useful skills and techniques it has to offer".  -Gary Schwartz, President, USA Track and Field Coaches Association






A variety of mental skills in audio format, from relaxation to imagery, are available. Inquire within.