What Is It?

WWU - CSD Letterhead


Clinic Manual 20013-2014


Observation Forms:

Directions for Observation

Observation Report on a Clinical Session

Observation Log Sheet


KASA form
SLP Skill Competency Evaluation
Skill-Based Version

This is the KASA form that all students need to have with them through out their program. It documents the types of clients and the ASHA required skills.

Parent/Family Library Inventory




Client satisfaction survey


Group TPS Form


Summer TPS Form


Supervisor Feedback

An outline that is completed by clinicians at the end of the quarter, to provide feedback for their clinical supervisors.

Clinic Practicum Evaluation

This is the grading form used to evaluate students.

Quarterly Clinic Practicum Summary

A summary of clock hours and related clinical activities that is completed at the end of each quarter. The summary is signed by both the clinician and the supervisor and is kept in the studentís Clinical Portfolio.

Formative Self Evaluation

A self evaluation that is used by clinicians to track their clinical goals and reflections of growth over the course of their graduate clinical training.

Local Physicians' Addresses, Phone, and Fax numbers

Useful information about Local Physicians