International Programs

The Center for Service-Learning facilitates two faculty-led international programs in Kenya and Rwanda that promote engaged partnerships between students, faculty, and local and global communities. Our goal is to develop sustained and long term partnerships between Western and multiple community partner organizations to meet the stated goals of international communities, while providing a rich interdisciplinary learning experience for students.

The Center for Service-Learning's courses offer students community-based learning that takes place in the classroom of other cultures, and challenges assumptions about what it means to live in the age of globalization. Much of the learning is centered on the knowledge of local experts and through field experiences and service activities.

Our program is based on the guiding principle of reciprocal and respectful partnerships and is designed to address the community goals of our international community partners. We are invited into their communities and they are invited to be a full participant in the service learning project design. This is not an academic tourism model or a "feel good" experience for our students, but a commitment to social responsibility and change, authentic intercultural relationships, and deep personal learning.

Rwanda 2017

Earn 12 WWU credits this summer as you learn about cultures, politics and development in rural Rwanda. Engage in meaningful service learning projects and apply learning for positive social change!

Course Name: Community Building in Rwanda, INTL 437i
Credits: 12 credits
Quarter of offering: Summer 2017
Dates: TBD

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