2012-2013 Members

Dave Hooper – Biology
Mark Bussell – Chemistry
Michael Meehan – Computer Science
Arunas Oslapas (F/W), Jason Morris (S) – Engineering Technology
Susan DeBari – Geology
Branko Curgus – Math
Janelle Leger – Physics
Susan DeBari  - SMATE
Janelle Leger – AMSEC


The Personnel Committee considers applications forwarded to it by the Dean and makes recommendations to the Dean regarding the four following personnel matters in the College of Sciences and Technology:

  • Professional Leave
  • Tenure and Promotion
  • Post Tenure Review
  • Special Merit, Equity/Compression, and Other Salary Adjustments


a.            Recommends changes in policy or procedures to the Policy, Planning, and Budget Council.

b.            Verifies that standards set in the COPEP, departmental addenda to the COPEP, and the CBA are applied fairly and that appropriate                 procedures are followed. 

c.             Requests, through the office of the Dean, additional information and/or consultation to make its recommendations.

d.            Reports on annual activities to PPBC before the end of spring quarter each year.


a.            The faculty of each department and program (see below) in the College selects one member for the committee.  The member shall be a                 tenured faculty member and shall not be the departmental chair or program director.

               A center or group qualifies as a "program" for the purpose of membership when it meets the following criteria: (1) It includes faculty members                from different departments with at least 75% of them housed in departments of the College and (2) it has its own criteria or processes for                developing curriculum, for review of faculty performance, and/or for hiring tenure-track or non-tenure-track faculty.  The current programs in                 the College are the Science, Math, and Technology Education group (SMATE) and the Advanced Materials Science and Engineering                Center (AMSEC).

b.            The term of service is two years, with approximately half of the membership selected each year.  No member shall serve more than six                 consecutive years.

c.             A majority of voting members shall constitute a quorum for all business of the committee.  The committee determines its own procedures and                 officers, typically designating a chair and at the start of the academic year.