Hail & Farewell

The College of Sciences and Technology would like give a warm welcome to our new faculty and staff members as well as bid farewell to those who have left us.

In the past year, we had the pleasure of welcoming the following new permanent faculty and staff to our college:


Lina Dahlberg, Biology;

Robin Kodner, Biology;

Carrie Annett, Chemistry;

John Antos, Chemistry;

Robert Berger, Chemistry;

Mary Hall, Computer Science;

Brian Hutchinson, Computer Science;

Mary Tully, Computer Science;

Yudong Liu, Computer Science;

Tanveer Chawla, Engineering Technology;

John Lund, Engineering Technology;

Colin Amos, Geology;

Brady Foreman, Geology;

Linda Tripp, Biology;

Seth Rittenhouse, Physics;

Ed Geary, SMATE;


While welcoming new colleagues is always an exciting time, saying goodbye to others is a sad, but inevitable fact of life.  We wish well to those who have left the CST:

Tina Copsey, AMSEC;

Jennifer Bunch, Computer Science;

Karen Smith, Chemistry;

Sara Young, Chemistry;

Steven Fleishman, Engineering Technology;

Scott Babcock, Geology;

Vicki Critchlow, Geology;

Louie Barrett, Physics;

George 'Pinky' Nelson, SMATE;


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