Lync VM Rules

How to set up a rule in Exchange Voicemail


  1. Log into voicemail, In Outlook, go to FILE, Choose Manage Voicemail, it will bring you to the Login to Office 365 Web Access Page.



  1. Log into Office 365 with your Universal login.


  1. On the Call Answering rules , click the +


  1. Name the rule, Select from the options:”My automatic replies are turned on””My Schedule shows that I am –Free – Tenative – Busy – Away” etc., then click on “do the following” click on Provide the caller with these options select options  # is defaulted to leave a voicemail, click on the Find me or Transfer call options to set up options for callers (follow prompts given).  Remember to hit the save button.


  1.  When you want the rule to be active, make sure there is a checkmark in the “on” box. 




Page Updated 11.22.2017