Lync Voice Mail Setup


Welcome to Exchange Voicemail.


You will receive an email that we will be enabling Lync UM (Unified Messaging) voice mail for you.  It will look similar to this:


Welcome to Exchange Unified Messaging

To use your phone to access your e-mail, calendar, and contacts, call your Outlook Voice Access number and enter your PIN at the prompt.

Your access number(s):


Your number:

Xxxx (your 4 digit extension)

Your PIN:

Xxxx (the temporary pin that is assigned to you)




Sign into your Lync Client (if you are not in already):


Find Lync 2013 on your computer, sign in with your e-mail address and password.Setup1















  • In Lync, click the gearshaft icon, then on Tools - Call Forwarding.   Click option to Turn off call forwarding.  The settings summary should display that unanswered calls will go to Voice mail after 20 seconds.  Click OK.








  • In Lync, either manually dial the access number in your welcome email, or click the voice mail icon in Lync (as illustrated).


Follow the prompts to record your spoken name, and any other desired changes such as greeting message or changing PIN.


  • Received voicemails now show up in your Outlook inbox.  Just click the universal ‘Play’ symbol to hear them.











From Outlook click on the File Button at the top of the screen:Setup5


Then click the Manage Voicemail Mail button:







Sign in with your Outlook user and password:















NOTE:  Resetting the Pin below only resets your voicemail pin (not your conference or phone pin)


Set preferred settings:



Page Updated 11.22.2017