Callpilot Facts


There are three types of greeting available: Internal, External and Temporary.

  • An Internal Greeting will be heard by those contacting you from on-campus. If you record only an Internal greeting, no one from off-campus will hear any greeting at all.
  • An External Greeting will be heard by those contacting you from off-campus.
  • Temporary Greeting is used for times when you need to let others know you will be away from your office for some period of time, e.g. vacation. If you record a Temporary Greeting, it will replace all other greetings for the time period you specify or until you remove it.


This function is controlled by pressing 76. The first time you use it, it will delete the current message. Go to that message and press 76 a second time to undelete it. Deleted messages will be cleared from your voice mailbox when you end the session.

Express voice message

Leave someone a voice message without calling them. Dial 6767 for Express Voice Messaging, enter the 4-digit phone number, press #. Then leave a message in their voice mailbox.

Transfer calls

Another option is available when calls are transferred. For example, you're on the phone and realize you need to send this caller to another person. Press Transfer or Link, enter the destination phone number and press transfer or link again for a normal transfer. If the line is busy, you can ask if the caller would like to leave a message for that person. In that case, press Transfer or Link, enter 6767, enter the destination 4-digit phone number, press #, press transfer, and hangup to send the caller directly to the other person's voice mailbox.

Saved messages

Messages are automatically saved, there is no need to Archive them. They stay in your voice mailbox for 15 days. After that time, the system will delete them from your voice mailbox without notification.

Voice mailbox full

When you have "filled" your voice mailbox, no more messages will be delivered until you delete some to make room for new ones. You will receive a warning when you are at 85% of your limit. Most voice mailboxes have a limit of 60 minutes for the total of all voice messages. A typical message is between 30 seconds and 1 minute in length.

Auto Logon

For those who don't wish to key in the password all the time (and protecting the voice mailbox is not an issue), use this feature. While in your voice mail, press 80, then press 4, then press 1 to turn auto logon feature on. From now on when you dial 7444 (from your own phone) you will immediately be in your voice mailbox.

Distribution lists

Have a need for sending the same message to several people in an on-going fashion? Then this is for you. You can setup and manage your own phone distribution lists.

Custom operator

When someone can't get you on the phone, you can set the number that is accessed when they press 0 (zero). While in your voice mail, press 80, then press 1 and follow the prompts.

Remote notification

For those who carry a beeper or cell phone, you can set it so that CallPilot will additionally notify your beeper or cell phone that a message has come in. We can also notify you via e-mail that you have a voicemail message. It will identify the phone number when possible so you can tell who left a message for you. Please call Telecom at x3600 if you would like this feature.

Desktop Messaging module

Desktop Messaging integrates with Microsoft Outlook enabling you to manage voice and email messages in one graphical interface.

FAX capabilities

Some folks have a need to send and receive faxes often. CallPilot can assist in making this easier and faster. Contact Telecomm at x3600 for details.

Timed delivery

You can record a message for a specific person or group of people and set the time of delivery. This could be very useful for notification types of messages.

Page Updated 11.22.2017