CallPilot FAQs

Where can I get more information?

There are several avenues for getting help. Refer to these Web pages, send e-mail to, call Telecom at x3600, or even contact the ATUS Help Desk at x3333 and they will forward you to someone who can assist.

How come I can't get my new phone system initialized?

We have found that in most cases it's the confusion about the password to use. The default password is 0xxxx where xxxx is your phone extension.

How do I save a message?

You do nothing. Messages are saved unless you specifically delete them. Read messages will be saved for 15 days. Unread messages will be saved until you listen to them.

Can I undelete a message?

To undelete a message that you have just deleted, go back to that message (4), and press 76 again. This has to be done during the same CallPilot session. Once you have hung up the phone, the message is permanently deleted.

How do I play a saved message?

Check the CallPilot Voice Mail Map. Access your mailbox and use the Go to Message (86), then press the number of the message to listen to. You can use previous (4) or next (6) to move around in the messages.

Greeting versus Message

A "Greeting" is what you record that others will hear when they get your voice mail. A "Message" is what you record to send to someone.

Can I check my voice mail from off-campus?

Yes. Use the same procedures you would for any other time. Call 650-7444. Put in your WWU 4-digit extension and press #. Put in your password and press #.

Do I always have to enter my phone extension and password?

No. If you are accessing CallPilot from your on campus phone, you can simply press # without putting in your phone extension. Additionally, you can use Autologin to bypass putting in the extension AND the password. Follow the route on the CallPilot Voice Mail Map(804). This should be used only if there are no security issues.

What do the Greetings options mean?

There are now 3 Greetings options. They are External, Internal and Temporary. External Greeting is what folks calling in from off-campus will hear if they get your voice mail. This is also what everyone will hear if you decide to not use an Internal Greeting. Internal Greeting is what folks calling you from on-campus will hear. This way you can have a different greeting for off-campus and on-campus. Temporary Greeting is typically used when on vacation or out of the office. Listen to the prompts at the end because you can add the date and time of when you wish the Temporary Greeting to expire.

What is a Personal Verification?

Personal Verification is your name and phone number. This recording is attached to every internal message you send as the envelope information.

How do I forward a message that includes an introduction from me?

Press 73, when asked to enter a list of addresses enter the mailbox number(s) that you want to send to, press #, # again when done. Press 5 to record your introduction. Forwarded messages to multiple numbers cannot have seperate introductions.

Will the recipient be able to tell who the forwarded message if from?

The recipient of a forwarded message can ask for envelope information (72) and it will give them the information on who forwarded the message to them. It will not give the envelope information of the original sender.

Can I leave a message directly to someone's voice mail?

Yes. This is an excellent use of Express Messaging. Pick up your phone and dial 6767 and follow the prompts.

Can I locate a phone number by searching on the name?

Yes. Pick up the phone and dial 6767. When it asks for the mailbox number to send a message to, press 78. You will be instructed to spell out the name. If more than one match is found, it will present you with a list to choose from.

What if I have a Phone Tree or Listen Only line?

Please contact Telecom at x3600. What if I hung up without sending the message I just composed? The unsent message stays in your voice mailbox. Next time you access CallPilot you will be asked if you wish to send it.

Can I skip or speed-up a Greeting?

Press # to skip a Greeting, press Press 3 to skip forward in a greeting.

Can I speed up replay of a message?

Press 23 to speed up a message. Press 21 to slow down a message.

How much storage do I get with the new phone system?

Everyone gets 60 minutes of voice mail storage. If you need more storage please contact Telecom at x3600.

What happens if my voice mailbox gets full?

No more messages will be accepted. Those calling you will get a message indicating that your voice mailbox is full. Contact Telecom at x3600 if you need more storage space.

How do I know how long a message has been in my voice mailbox?

Go to that message (using Go to Message, previous or next) and then press 72 for envelope information. Envelope information will tell you who called and when they called.

When I access my voice mailbox it says I'm listening to message number 5. Why?

This means you have 4 saved messages in your voice mailbox, the system will tell you how many new messages you have and start at the first new message.

How can I bypass a long Greeting?

Press # to skip a Greeting.

When you forward a message, which envelope information does the recipient hear?

The recipient hears the envelope information of the person who forwarded the message, not the original sender.

Can I backout of leaving a message for someone when I'm already partway into it?

Yes. You can use the same delete keys (76) as when you delete a message you are listening to. First, press # to stop recording, then you can press 76 to delete the partial message.

Can we listen to a saved message? Will it still be saved?

Yes. Messages are always saved for 30 days unless you delete them prior to the 30 days is up. You can always undelete them by pressing 76 again as long as you do it BEFORE you hang up.

Page Updated 11.22.2017