CP Desktop Faxing

Who can receive a fax?

In order to receive or send faxes, you must specifically request fax capability for your mailbox. There may be additional charges involved. To view faxes in CallPilot Desktop Messaging, you must also have Imaging for Windows installed on your PC.

How do I view a fax?

Incoming faxes will be listed in your CallPilot Desktop Messaging Inbox in your Outlook folder list.

  1. Double-click to open a fax message. It will open immediately if it is a fax-only message. If it is a mixed voice and fax message, click the fax icon to view the fax.
  2. Use the fax toolbar buttons to enlarge or reduce the image, rotate the image, go to other pages.

Can a fax be saved as a graphic file?

A fax may be saved as a graphic with a .tif format. Choose File, Save As. Select the file location, type a name, then click OK.

How to send a Fax from Call Pilot Desktop from Outlook 2000

You can fax any document that you can open on your computer. The Nortel fax driver will first save the document in a TIFF format.

  1. Open the file that you want to fax.
  2. On the File menu, click Print.
  3. From the list of printers, select Nortel Fax.
  4. Click OK . Result : The Compose Fax dialog box displays.
    • To add another file to the fax, repeat steps 1 to 4.
    • To view a file with the fax viewer, select the file from the list of items, and click View/Edit Image . When you finish viewing, close the fax viewer window.
    • To delete a file, select it and click Delete Item.
    • To change the order of files in the fax, click Move Forward, or Move Backward.
  5. Click the Send to fax machine option when you have completed preparing the fax content.
  6. Enter fax number as:
    XXXX = 4 digit on campus extension
    9XXXXXXX = 9 + local number
    81XXXXXXXXXX = 81 + long distance number.
  7. Click Send.
Page Updated 11.22.2017