CP Speech Activation

CallPilot Speech Activated Messaging is an optional way to work with your CallPilot messages. You can say simple words such as "Play" and "Stop" instead of pressing keys on your touchtone phone.

You log in to Speech Activated Messaging with a different access number which is 6766 or (360) 650-6766. You use the same mailbox number and password for both types of messaging. You can switch from speech to touchtone at any time.

To Log In:

  1. Dial the Speech Activated Messaging access number 6766 (360-650-6766 from off campus).
  2. Say your mailbox number, then wait for the prompt.
  3. Say your password, then wait for the prompt.

You are now in your mailbox and can use all the message list commands.

These are the prompts the system will recognize:

Prompt What the prompt does
Call Call the sender; call another number
Cancel Cancel a call or address

Address and record a message


Continue playback or record


Delete a message or command


Forward an incoming message


Access context-sensitive Help

Next message

Go to next message


Play a message or recording

Play envelope

Play the envelope of a message

Previous message

Go to previous message


Print a fax message


Record a message

Reply to all Record a reply to an incoming message and send the reply to all recipients of the message
Reply to the sender Record a reply to an incoming message
Rerecord Record a message over the existing one
Restore/undelete Restore a deleted message or command
Send Send a recorded message
Skip back Skip back five seconds in a message
Skip forward Skip forward five seconds in a message  
Slow down Decrease message playback speed to normal  
Speed up Increase message playback speed to maximum
Stop Stop playback; end address list  
Yes or No Response to system questions
One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Oh When speaking the number 0, you can say either zero or oh.

To Disconnect:

When you have finished your Speech Activated Messaging session, hang up.

Page Updated 11.22.2017