Student Telecom Info

Telephone service in the Residence Halls and Birnam Wood will be provided in the student rooms on an optional basis.  To assure that phone service will be available for personal or emergency use, students will have access to "public area phones" in each building.

Apply for or change landline telephone service

Residents who prefer local land line phone service may request installation of the service by submitting an online Local Phone Service Request Form or by calling the Telecommunications Department at (360) 650-3600.

The cost for local telephone service is set at a non-refundable price of USD $60.00 per quarter and includes voice mail, caller ID, call waiting, call forward, call transfer, and conference. Students will be responsible for supplying their own telephone instrument. 

All students who have applied for telephone service will be sent a notification with their telephone number and system instructions to their WWU email account.

For questions about local telephone service please contact the Telecommunications Department at (360) 650-3600.

Page Updated 02.22.2019