Associates of the Center

The following list presents the names, research interests, e-mail addresses, and webpage links for the associates of the Center for Cross-Cultural Research. All associates are members of the Department of Psychology at Western Washington University and possess a doctorate degree. The mailing address for all associates is: Department of Psychology, Western Washington University, 516 High Street, Bellingham, WA 98225-9172 USA. Specific questions in their area of expertise should be addressed to them.


Christina Byrne (Associate Professor). Psychological trauma, intimate partner violence. E-mail:

Jennifer Devenport (Assistant Professor). Psychology and law; factors influencing juror decision-making such as expert psychological testimony, cross-examination, eyewitness identification evidence. E-mail:

Dale L. Dinnel (Professor and Chair, Department of Psychology). Cognitive processes in the teaching and learning of mathematics and science; cultural variations in social phobias, self-concept, and achievement motivation. E-mail:; Webpage

Deborah K. Forgays (Professor and Director of Graduate Training Clinic). Adolescent development and dilemmas; emotional expression within families; anger in women. E-mail:; Webpage

James Graham (Assistant Professor). Adaptive processes in romantic relationships, same-sex couples, romantic love, measurement, multivariate statistics. E-mail:; Webpage

Susanna A. Hayes (Associate Professor Emeritus). Cultural history of Native American tribes of the Pacific Northwest; cross-cultural counseling. E-mail:

Ira E. Hyman (Professor). Human memory; social processes and memory; eyewitness memory; false childhood memories. E-mail:; Webpage

Jeff King (Associate Professor and Director of the Center for Cross-Cultural Research). Counseling and culture. e-mail:

Ronald A. Kleinknecht (Professor Emeritus). Cross-cultural issues and variations in psychopathology, with special emphasis on anxiety expression and anxiety disorders. E-mail:

Barbara Lehman (Assistant Professor). Social and health psychology; links between family environment, socioeconomic status, and health; applied research methods and statistics. E-mail:

Arleen C. Lewis (Professor and Director of the M.Ed. School Counseling Program). Cultural factors in learning and instruction, school counseling and family counseling. E-mail:; Webpage

Max Lewis (Lecturer). Measurement and evaluation; counseling and psychotherapy. E-mail:

Walter J. Lonner (Professor Emeritus, Director Emeritus of the Center for Cross-Cultural Research, Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology Founding and Special Issues Editor). Historical, theoretical, methodological and curricular perspectives in cross-cultural psychology; testing and assessment issues).; Webpage

Leslie McDonald-Miszczak (Associate Professor). Cross-cultural issues in adult development and aging, with special emphasis on medication adherence, self-care, and trust in healthcareprofessionals. E-mail:; Webpage

Cristina Sampaio (Assistant Professor). Research Interests: Mechanisms and processes of memory, interactions of memory with knowledge, representations, phenomenal experience, memory errors, memory biasing processes, and metacognition. E-mail:; Webpage

David N. Sattler (Professor). Psychological functioning and adjustment following natural disasters worldwide, cooperative behavior in social dilemmas, environmental issues. E-mail:; Webpage

David Sue (Professor Emeritus). Asian American development and characteristics; process and outcome variables in cross-cultural counseling. E-mail:

Joseph E. Trimble (Professor). Psychological aspects of American Indian and Alaska Native peoples; cultural and ethnic factors in drug and alcohol abuse; cross-cultural counseling. E-mail:; Webpage

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