Courses at Western

Western Washington University's Psychology curriculum includes several undergraduate-level courses devoted to cultural topics and issues. These are:

  • Psychology and Culture (PSY 341, 5 credits), an entry-level introduction to Cross-Cultural psychology,
  • Seminar in Cross-Cultural Psychology (PSY 441, 3 credits) with a focus on current topics
  • Psychology of Gender (Psychology 119)
  • Stereotyping, Prejudice & Discrimination (PSY 346)
  • Overview of Healing Systems (PSY 478)

A graduate course, Cross-Cultural Counseling (Psychology 532, 3 credits), is required of all graduate students enrolled in the Psychology Department's Master's Degree programs in Mental Health Counseling and School Counseling. This graduate course is also open to other graduate students in Psychology and other departments, with permission. A graduate course, Seminar: Professional, Legal, and Cultural Issues (Psychology 561, 3 credits), also addresses relevant cultural and ethnic topics that are especially important for applied psychologists. Many other courses in Psychology highlight culture's influence on thought and behavior.

Western Washington University does not offer either an undergraduate or graduate degree in Cross-Cultural psychology or Cross-Cultural counseling. However, both undergraduate and graduate psychology students can, through careful course selection, emphasize Cross-Cultural psychology. It is possible for graduate students to select as a  thesis topic an issue, problem, or theoretical concern that falls within the domain of cultural and psychology.

For complete details concerning all of Psychology's offerings, please consult the Psychology Department’s webpage  (Phone: 360-650-3515). Information about general admission requirements and programs can be obtained by contacting either Western Washington University's General Catalog or the Admissions Office (Phone: 360-650-3440).

Questions concerning graduate study in Psychology at Western Washington University should be addressed to Cindy Savage, Program Coordinator, Graduate Programs (Phone: 360-650-3184). Questions concerning graduate study at Western Washington University should be addressed to the Graduate School (Phone: 360-650-3170).

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