The Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology (JCCP) is the most visible and continuous contribution that the Department of Psychology and the Center for Cross-Cultural Research have made to psychology on an international scale. Royalties received from its operation have funded, and will continue to fund, a broad spectrum of activities, all of which are consistent with the department’s and the Center’s philosophical and academic foundations.

JCCP was inaugurated in 1970, one year after the Center was established, thus becoming one of the cornerstones in the emergence of the “modern movement” in the psychological study of culture.  First published locally (in Bellingham, Washington and at then Western Washington State College) in 1972 it became affiliated with the International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology (IACCP), which was inaugurated that year in Hong Kong.  Until 1994 JCCP was published quarterly. Since 1995 it has been published bi-monthly and has expanded substantially in both “trim size” (dimensions) and the amount of coverage (page count). 

The influence of the Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology was immediately felt and for many years has been recognized as the leading journal that focuses exclusively on empirical studies featuring the interrelationships between culture and psychological processes. In 2004 Western Washington University sold the copyright to Sage Publications. Thus, by contract, JCCP is now published by Sage Publications for the International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology in cooperation with the Center for Cross-Cultural Research, Department of Psychology, Western Washington University. A refereed journal with a strong and active international Editorial Advisory Board, JCCP reports results from either Cross-Cultural comparative research or other types of research concerning the ways in which culture (and related concepts such as ethnicity) affect the thinking and behavior of individuals as well as how individual thought and behavior define and reflect aspects of culture.

With a truly global reach, articles may focus on intracultural research (for example, the adjustment of Asian-American immigrants to large U.S. cities) as readily as they focus on intercultural research (for instance, the development of arithmetic reasoning among children in Norway, Africa, and Brazil). It also contains review papers and innovative reformulations of Cross-Cultural theory as well as special issues (or special sections within regular issues) featuring contemporary issues and topics. Its publication policies and therefore its scholarly contents are made and monitored by the Editorial Advisory Board, which reports directly to the Executive Committee of IACCP and its Communications and Publications Committee. Click here complete details about the JCCP (publication policies, editorial board, subscription rates).

Center for Cross-Cultural Research
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