An objective of the Finance & HR Data Warehouse Project, was to purchase an off-the-shelf turnkey software product that was user-friendly, interfaced with Banner and provided the ability for end-users to create adhoc queries and reports. After reviewing several products, Western selected Millennium FAST.

Since 1994, Millennium Computer Systems Ltd. has worked with Universities and Colleges to create and implement FAST - 
ast Administration Support Tools. 

FAST tools are specifically developed to integrate with Administrative Software Systems (Banner) to allow for web based, near time reporting of enterprise data in a single, secure location.

Western is currently utilizing FAST Human Resource Reporting and FAST Finance Reporting.

FAST HR provides centralized Human Resource reporting to track and manage all aspects of staffing including staff hires, jobs, leave and terminations. It also provides self-service departmental reporting by roles, such as class, employer codes and departments.

FAST Finance provides decentralized self service financial reporting for all account holders, allowing fully supported, drill down access to all accounts for that user. Reports include relevant, timely information for actuals, commitments and budgets, showing where money is being spent and how it compares to approved budget amounts.


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