Using Groups in FAST-HR!

When saving a report as a pinned report you can save it either as a private (default); public (all FAST HR users will be able to view); or you can make the report part of a group.  The group could be your department and you want to be able to share a pinned report you created with the members of your department.

To use "groups" we must first set-up the group.  To set -up a group the administrator will need create and name the group and then add the members to the group.  The naming convention that will be used for the groups is "<department abbreviation> Pinned Reports", for example "HR Pinned Reports" is a group created for HR staff to share pinned reports.

To create the group the administrator will need from you

  • the "abbreviation" you would like used as part of the group name and
  • a list of individuals with their WWU ID that are to be in the group

Email the above information to

Page Updated 10.18.2013