If you have questions regarding the installation procedures or or encounter problems during the installations, contact the Help Desk at x4444 for assistance


Before you install the  Bi Query client 

Ensure that Oracle 11G (32 bit) client is installed.
 read the FAQ page

  BI Query 10.2.1 client install - Win 7 32 bit
1, 1.Navigate to: X:\Software drive
2. Navigate to BiQuery folder
3.Right click mouse on the BIQuery10-2_WIN7_Install_32bit.bat  file
4. Select Run as Administrator
2 At this point a UAC popup occurs - click Yes
If additional popups occur, allow them as well.
3. This pops up next
4. Press any key to continue
5. Go to: Start / Programs /Open text/Business Intelligence/Bi Query - select BI Query User
6. - click Allow Access -** note IF this message appears behind the login popup screen**
7 - submit your login credentials