Banner  Job Submission – PDF Output

Administrative Computing Services (ADMCS) is pleased to provide PDF reporting for Banner. This WWU Green Initiative provides many advantages.  Probably the greatest feature of PDF reports for Banner users is the capability to search for any character string in the report.  The PDF report can also be copied to a shared (P) or local drive.  Or, it can be emailed to others.  With these capabilities many users will not need to print a hardcopy of the report.  If a printed copy is needed, selected pages can be printed from the PDF.  These capabilities will save Western thousands of dollars, save trees and help protect the environment. 

Please read this document carefully and if you have any questions call ADMCS Operations at #4444. This enhancement will be implemented on June 25, 2010. ADMCS will conduct 2 demonstration and Q&A sessions on campus:

Old Main 482

                Wednesday June 23, 2010                            10:00am – 10:30am

                Thursday      June 24, 2010                            3:00pm – 3:30pm



When you run a Banner job the Printer Control Form is the last step before the job runs. As a Green Initiative, the Print? (Y/N) field will now always default to ‘N’.  This change has been made to encourage the use of the PDF reports and to reduce printing costs. Please note that if you do select ‘Y’ to print, this change is only in effect for the job you are running. The next job will default back to ‘N’. If you do forget to specify ‘Y’ on a job that absolutely must be printed you can always print the report from the PDF reader. If your workstation is not configured with your networked printer(s), or if you are using Remote Print Manager Software please call the ATUS help desk at #3333 or your local technical support.





After you have submitted your job, you are returned to the Job Submission Control form. From here you can access the ‘options’ menu and go to the job status form GWISTAT.

This form provides information on your submitted jobs, including the end time.  When the job is complete, the View PDF Report button will activate. You can now open the PDF by clicking the button.

You can access the status form at any time, not just from the Job Submission Control form. Just call up GWISTAT like any regular Banner form. GWISTAT allows you to query any of the jobs you have run through Job Submission and access the PDF, as long as the report has not been purged. Please note that, like most reports run through Job Submission, the report will only be available for 3 days before it is purged from the system.

PDF Output

When “View Report” button is clicked, the Adobe Reader opens on the your desktop. From the PDF Reader you can view, print, search, zoom in/out, and save the report using the tool bar at the top of the PDF viewer.


While you are in the PDF reader you can save the file to a departmental directory (P: drive) for filing purposes, if needed. The PDF is also available from your Job Submission Output Directory, which is a mapped drive directly on your workstation. If you are not familiar with the Output Directory please review the document at:

If you do not have the Adobe Acrobat Reader, contact your technical support - it is available on the network drive    X:\Software\AcrobatReader\v9.0\AdbeRdr90_en_US.exe

For assistance questions about Banner PDF use or mapping your Output Directory drive please call ADMCS Operations at #4444.