Remote Access to Systems

Remote access to the University’s network, servers, administrative applications, and all computer resources requires heightened security and awareness. Remote access includes the use of remote desktop control tools, such as Window's XP Remote Access Sharing, Virtual Private Network, and dial-up modem access. VPN access extends the network to remote locations such as connecting regional campuses, or your connecting your home PC to the WWU network, among other uses.  When an employee uses remote access they must understand the following issues:   Because of necessary security measures, the following areas are not permitted remote access; wireless connections, lab connections, public areas and the student modem pool.

  Remote access will NOT be provided to all employees as a default. 
  To utilize remote access an employee must request that access (using the “Remote Access Request” E-sign Form") and have it approved by the employee’s department head.  [Once approved, remote desktop sharing for that employee's login ID will be turned on by the ITS group]
  When accessing Western’s computer resources remotely the employee is operating as an employee of the University.  Appropriate use is the same as if the employee was working in their office for the University.

Procedure to Request Individual User Access or Virtual Private Network (VPN) access:

  Standard (non-administrative faculty)
     Provides access to WWU file servers and Outlook.  Contact ATUS x3333 to request remote access.
 Administrative (Banner)
Submit an Administrative Remote Access Esign form to ADMCS:
       Download the VPN software to your home or remote machine:  Note: Link is not accessible from on campus

Student employees are not normally authorized remote access to departmental workstations.  Departments that have a full-time employee sharing the same workstation with a student employee should not as a rule, authorize remote access to that workstation.  If remote access to that workstation is needed for a full-time employee then the student employee is NOT to be provided their administrative (Banner) password. 

Workstation security becomes even more important when that workstation has remote desktop access activated.  Departments should configure department workstations as  follows:

  Require hardened passwords (8 characters without words and with at least one number or special character)
  Require password protection on the screen saver.

Page Updated 11.13.2017