Frequently Asked Questions

For the current status of the Banner Forms and Reports, log into MyWestern and view the Computer Applications Status page or go to the ADMCS Machine Status web page.

Q. What do I need to use Banner?

A. You need a UISAP (formerly Hydra) high security account and the appropriate Banner permissions and Java installed on your PC.

Q. How do I get my permissions?

A. Banner permissions are granted by the departments data custodians. Data custodians are listed on the Banner/Famis Accounts Request esign form.

Q. How do I determine what version of Java I have installed/enabled?

A. Perform the following instructions.

  1. Go to your Windows control panel
  2. right click on the Java icon and click on open
  3. Click on the Java tab

Q. When I launch Banner for the first time, I get the following Java popup message. What do I do?

A. Perform the following steps.

  1. Open the Control Panel
  2. right click on the Java icon and click on open
  3. Right click Java icon in the bottom right tray, and click Open Control Panel
    1. select Advanced tab
    2. select Security
    3. select Mixed Code
    4. select Disable verification (default is Enabled)

Should you encounter that Banner is incorrectly displaying “My Links” as per the screen shot below. The remedy is to exit and restart Banner.

Q. Are transactions processed with Banner Forms and Reports (Internet Native – INB) secure?

A. Yes. Banner Forms and Reports (INB) uses encryption to ensure all transactions processed via Banner Forms and Reports (INB) are very secure

Q. Can one have multiple connections to Banner Forms and Reports (Internet Native – INB) simultaneously?

A. Yes, with Windows IE 5.X and above, Netscape 6.x and above, Firefox 1.5 and above.

Q. How to prevent other web links from closing a Banner INB Session when using Internet Explorer

A. Perform the following steps:

  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Select Tool, Internet Options
  3. Click the Advanced Tab
  4. Uncheck Reuse windows for launching shortcuts
  5. Click Apply, Ok

Q. Has the the Options menu changed?

A. Yes. Option choices are displayed in form tabs making for easier navigation.

You can view all the options screens via the "Options" drop down menu

Popup message indicating user does not have access

Note, in a few forms you cannot use the mouse to navigate SOAIDEN, SOACOMP and GUIALTI. You can however use keystrokes (tab, page up/page down and/or arrows).

Q. I have my UISAP (formerly Hydra) account and appropriate Banner permissions. How do I start using Banner?


  • The first time you run Banner it will install Java
  • If you receive an ACTIVE X warning message at the top of the page, click your mouse on the message and select "Install Active X Control" to continue with the Java install
  • Do not install TOOL BARS or free offerings

Remote Access: using Banner: from home

Q. What do I need to access Banner from home?

A. Perform the following steps:

  1. install Java 1.6.20. Download from here
  2. fill out the VPN Admin Systems Access Request esign form. Submit the form to your supervisor. Supervisor is to submit form to ADMCS Director.
  3. Download the VPN software here
  4. Install the VPN software

Q. What performance can be expected with Banner Forms and Reports ?

A. Performance is dependent on hardware and communication line speeds. Higher speeds = best performance. Users may experience startup time taking 15 - 25 seconds (to load Java). After the initial load individual Forms will generally load in a few seconds. Modem speeds are insufficient!

Page Updated 07.05.2018