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How to install BI Query

If you have any problems or questions about this document contact the help desk at 4444 for assistance. Error conditions are addressed in boxes, other errors are addressed at the end of this document.


Log on to the computer with an account with administrator privileges so you can install an application.

Remove installed Hummingbird Programs

Click on start in the lower left corner of your screen, under the settings menu you will find the control panel. In the example below I have the traditional menu setup but either way you need to open the Control Panel window and double click on the Add or Remove Programs icon. In this picture it is the top right icon.


When the “Add or Remove Programs” window displays the list for your computer there may or may not be an entry for Hummingbird BI Query User. If there is no Hummingbird entries then you are ready to install the 8.5 version. If there is an entry please highlight the entry like below and click on Change/Remove.


Next you will see the maintenance program. Please select the remove radio button like I have below and click on Next.


You will receive a warning, select Yes.


If the program needs to remove shared files

If you receive the message below please select Yes. You should check the “Don’t display this message again” box.


Finally the program will ask to reboot the computer. This is not necessary. Select “No, I will restart my computer later” like below and click Finish.


Run the BI Query 8.5 Installation

Double click on the WWU Applications Icon                   on your desktop.

Double click on the [All] Icon.

There should be a BI Query 8.5 Installation Icon like this:



If the install Icon is missing

If you do not have the Installation icon check to see if BI Query is installed already. To check look in the start menu, under programs, for a Hummingbird BI group. You should see a sub-group for BI Query and also a program called Package Information. If you run the Package Information program  you can see which Hummingbird products are installed and their version. If BI Query is not installed please call the help desk at 4444 for assistance.


When you double click the BI Query 8.5 Installation icon the installation is started. There are no questions, just sit back and watch the process. There are two parts to the installation so please be patient. The first part installs the 8.5 version and the second part patches it to level There is a pause between part 1 and part 2 where the install screen goes away.


After the upgrade is complete the install screen simply goes away.

There is no need to reboot, just wait for about 5 second to be sure the install is complete.


Once you are at version 8.5 do NOT click on the old 8.1 Icon

This Icon will be removed shortly.

How to run BI Query

Click on Start, go to the programs menu, select the Hummingbird BI group, select the Hummingbird BI Query group, and select BI Query User. You can create a shortcut on your desktop. First right click on the BI Query User menu item and select copy then right click on your desktop and select paste. This will give you a BI Query User icon like this                to get directly to BI Query.


You can place the icon close to the WWU Applications icon to help you remember that there is a new way to start BI Query.



As noted previously: do NOT click on the old 8.1 Icon


When it starts up BI Query will check the server to verify version compatibility.


If BI Query can not communicate with the server you will get the following error message

Please click cancel and call the help desk at extension 4444 to report this message.


When you get the login screen enter your user name and password. If the Domain line is blank please enter WWU.

Once logged in, select a data model.


Retrieve Error

If the program terminates itself while downloading the data model please call the help desk at extension 4444. This is a known problem and it can be fixed.


After logging in and downloading a data model from the repository you will probably want to turn off the show query option. Click to turn off show (remove check mark). This will give you a single window view where it is easier to see the data model and menu pages. You can always turn show query back on if you like.



How to use the BI Query Web Client

There is a web client you can use to get to the BI Query server. If you have installed the program from the previous section you do not need to use the web client.


In your web browser of choice go to

You will get the logon page. Remember to enter WWU as the domain if it is not there, you should only have to do this once.


Once you log in you will get the portfolio page. Select the portfolio you need, most likely this will be AA_DATAW.

(Your screen may not have as many portfolio options as this image)


You will then get another menu that shows your sub-folders and the data model. Click on the data model (most likely Dataw) and BI Web will attempt to open a Java client. If the client opens you are ready to use it much like the non-web client.

Web and Java errors


Java version error

If you do not have the correct version of Java you will get the message below. Click on the link for the Sun JPI to install Java. There are detailed directions below. If you get a message saying a newer version of Java is available you may install it.


After you click the link to download the file you will need to run it.



You will need to respond Yes to the Sun install prompt.

Accept the license agreement and click Next>.

You want a typical install so click Next>.

It will take a while to install.

Click on finish.

Once Java is installed you will need to close and restart your web browser.

You may need to tell the browser to trust the applet, select Always.


Digital Signature Error

If you get the following message please put a check in the Always trust content from this publisher box and then click run. Note that the server in From: is a WWU server.


Again, any problems or questions, please call 4444.


Browser Java Conflict problems

When running the Web Client you should start it in a new browser window. Do this by starting a new copy of your web browser from the task bar or your desktop. It is important to close the window when you are finished. A web browser will keep the Java environment open to speed up restarting but we currently have programs in use, like Banner forms and reports, which require different Java versions. If you always use the start menu or a desktop shortcut to start your web browser for BI Web and shut down the browser afterwards you can avoid this issue. If you do have a conflict you should close all open web browser windows before trying again.