Bi-Query WEB

Q. I don't know much about BI-Web, how can I get a BI-Web primer?
Click on this link for tutorial

Q. I don't have a "BI-Query" icon on my WWU Applications launcher. How do I install BI-Query ver.8.5?
You must follow the instruction at:  After the installation you will find the Client version of BI-Query listed under your Programs on your PC.

Q. How do I log onto BI Query/Web?

A. A link to BI Query/Web can be found on the ADMCS home page ( under Admin Applications and also via MyWWU ( under the Technology tab. Use your Outlook/Active Directory username and password to log in, and enter ‘wwu’ in the ‘Domain’ text box..

Q. Why do I get only a gray screen with a letter "X" in the upper left corner of the screen when attempting to open DataW in IE or why do I get a message like "Java.Lan.ClassNotFoundException" or  http://<ServerName>/ADYCodebase/com/hcl/bi/rendering/RenderApplet.class?
Go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced -> Java (Sun). Uncheck the box that says “Use Java 2 v1.3.1_02 for <applet> (requires restart).” Restart your browser, log back in to BI Web, and re-launch Dataw.
 For XP Users: Windows XP does not ship with the Microsoft Java Virtual Machine installed, as previous versions of Windows did. So in addition to unchecking the above setting, you must install the MS Java Virtual Machine. Please contact the ADMCS Help Desk at 650-4444 for the location and instructions.