BI Query Web Frequently Asked Questions



Q. My old link to BI Query Web no longer works. 
A.  To access BI Query Web go to:  (Don't forget to enter WWU for the domain name).

Q.  I got logged into BI Query Web but when I clicked on the data model I received an error "Opening data model Dataw - the data model can not be displayed with this version of Java.
A.  This message means you do not have the correct version of Java installed to run BI 9.  Click on the link listed in the error message to install the Sun JPI Java client.  When prompted for Run or Save, click Run and respond Yes to the Sun install prompt.  Accept the license agreement and click Next.  Select typical install, and click next.  It takes awhile to install so be patient.  Click finish when prompted.  Once Java is installed you will need to close and restart your web browser. 

Q.  There is a Warning -Security popup box that appears when I try to run BI Query Web.  It looks like this:

What do I do?
A.  Select "Always trust content from this publisher" by clicking the checkbox.  Then click Run.

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Contact ADMCS: E-mail , Other
Send comments to: Bob SchneiderDirector ADMCS