Bi-Query WEB

Q. I don't know much about BI-Web, how can I get a BI-Web primer?

A. Click on this link for tutorial

Q. I don't have a "BI-Query" icon on my WWU Applications launcher. How do I install BI-Query ver.10.2?

A. You must follow the instructions here. After the installation you will find the Client version of BI-Query listed under your Programs on your PC.

Q. How do I log onto BI Query/Web?

A. A link to BI Query/Web can be found on the EAS home page under Admin Applications and also via MyWWU under the Technology tab. Use your Outlook/Active Directory username and password to log in, and enter ‘wwu’ in the ‘Domain’ text box.

Q. Why do I get only a gray screen with a letter "X" in the upper left corner of the screen when attempting to open DataW in IE or why do I get a message like "Java.Lan.ClassNotFoundException" or http:///ADYCodebase/com/hcl/bi/rendering/RenderApplet.class?

A. Go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced -> Java (Sun). Uncheck the box that says “Use Java 2 v1.3.1_02 for <applet> (requires restart).” Restart your browser, log back in to BI Web, and re-launch Dataw.

Page Updated 11.13.2017