Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When is Data Warehouse available? 
A. The Data Warehouse is available  Monday through Friday from 8:00am – 5:00pm.

Q. Instructions for Saving Your Customized Reports to the New BiQuery Server.
Please read the following instructions carefully: before proceeding.  Please phone ADMCS x4444 with problems or questions.

Q. How do I get permission to the student data warehouse?
Go to the Administrative Web Forms menu at Fill out and submit the "Data Warehouse Request" form.

Q. How do I install BI-Query version 9?
Follow the instructions on this page:

Q. Why do I get the message “RUNDLL Error Loading –S The specified module could not be found”? 
A. This message pops up on Windows 2000 machines after the initial install or reinstall of working files used to run the BIQry application.  Ignore this message as it does not have any effect on the performance or integrity of the product and does not come up on subsequent reboots. 

Q. How do I SAVE my newly created reports so that I can rerun them whenever I need to?

A. Publish your reports back to the repository.  To publish your report – select FILE>PUBLISH. 

Q. How do I get Data Warehouse changes made by ADMCS? 

A. RETRIEVE the Dataw model from the repository and the most current copy of all the centrally maintained data definitions and reports that are copied giving you all the latest changes. This synchronization takes a couple minutes to perform.

Q. Do I lose any changes or additions I've made to my Dataw when synchronization occurs ?

A. If you perform the following procedure you will not loose changes and addition: Publish your reports and changes to the model back to the repository.  To publish your model or report – choose FILE>PUBLISH.  NOTE:  Your model will always be published back to folder where the model originated from – for the Dataw model,  the folder is AA_Dataw. 

Q. How can I immediately stop a query/report that I ran incorrectly

The model is implemented with a governor (a regulating device).  There are two ways. (1) After 500 records or five minutes a popup window will appear displaying a message with a prompt whether you  would like to continue or stop.  (2) Another way to stop the query/report process is to mouse click on the traffic light icon on the tool bar.

Q. Where can I get help?
HR will be conducting classes on running and writing Bi-Query reports against the Data Warehouse. If you need help getting set up properly or need basic Bi-Query help contact ADMCS Help Desk, x4444.  If you need help on "what the data means" contact the Institutional Research office.

Q. How do I delete a report? 

A. The current release does not support deleting reports by a general BI-Query User.  To resolve this issue, we have created a folder called “ZZ_DELETE_FOLDER”.  The ADMCS operations staff will open this folder daily and delete its contents.  Therefore, if you need to delete a report you should publish your report to this folder to be automatically deleted the following day.

Q. What does the message “ORA-00942 – Table or View does not exists” mean? 

A. You have not been authorized to access the Oracle database tables.  You need to submit the "Data Warehouse Request" form to the appropriate data custodian to get access to the data in the Data Warehouse. Find it on the Web forms menu:

Q. How do I see the ‘Attribute Comment’ when I click the ‘?’ next to an field name?  
A. If the ‘Load Comment’ button is greyed out, you will need to connect to the database. (Host->Connect, or click on the plug icon on the tool bar. ) Click the ‘Load Comment’ button - text describing the attribute (field) will appear in the text box. When you are finished, click CANCEL. Do Not click OK to ensure that when the metadata is updated, you will get the latest comments when you click Load Comment. Clicking OK will solely save the current comment, it will not automatically get updated if there is a change.

Page Updated 09.06.2018